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Valorant Betting Guide 2024: How to Bet on Valorant

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Stepping onto the esports stage, Valorant, Riot Games’ ambitious FPS masterpiece, entered the scene in 2020 with a bang. Boasting a staggering 14.9 million concurrent players, it’s rapidly ascending the ranks to become a formidable contender against titans like Overwatch and CS:GO.

Styled with influences from both CS:GO and Overwatch, Valorant’s allure extends to fans of both genres. It’s a harmonious blend of precise gunplay and inventive execution, crafting a gaming experience that resonates with finesse.

In the realm of online multiplayer, Valorant thrives on live servers, pitting players against real opponents in the heat of real-time battles. Solo ventures are limited to practice mode, honing skills against static targets.

Unveiling Valorant’s Gameplay & Modes

At its core, Valorant is a team-based first-person shooter where players, embodying characters known as Agents, engage in intense bomb defusal scenarios. Beyond the standard shooter mechanics, Agents wield unique abilities, adding a strategic layer to map navigation and choke point control. The arsenal spans from pistols to heavy machine guns, catering to diverse playstyles.

In a nod to the old competitive Counter-Strike 1.6, bomb defusal matches unfold over 25 rounds (or first to 13). The gameplay echoes the classic Counter-Strike feel, intertwining with the strategic depth reminiscent of Overwatch.

Ranked play dominates the current Valorant landscape, with recent additions of Valorant Ranks witnessing over 80% of players engaging in competitive ranked matches.

Navigating Valorant’s Terrain: The Maps Unveiled

Valorant introduces seven competitive maps, each a bomb (Spike) defusal scenario with a shared design ethos. Players strategically vie for entry points, utilizing the environment to outsmart their opponents.

  • Bind: Echoing the familiarity of Dust in Counter-Strike, Bind features a double bomb site and a Middle Eastern aesthetic. The inclusion of teleporters adds a dynamic element, creating a map requiring precise rotations and strategic defenses.
  • Haven: A radical departure, Haven breaks the mold with three bomb sites, challenging players to navigate a multitude of entry points. Favoring defenders strategically, elevated positions and cluttered areas provide ample opportunities for tactical play.
  • Split: Known for its simplicity, Split boasts two bomb sites and three entry points. Defender advantage is pronounced, allowing for short and safe rotations. Control of the middle area is pivotal for attackers to cut rotations and advance strategically.
  • Ascent: Set against an Italian Venice backdrop, Ascent shines as a balanced map. Featuring four entry and defense points, control of the middle point (Garden) becomes crucial for victory.
  • Icebox: Embracing an icy Arctic landscape, Icebox pioneers vertical and horizontal ziplines, fostering fast-paced gameplay around its three main entry/defense points.
  • Breeze: The tropical haven of Breeze caters to both attackers and defenders, emphasizing individual skill and swift rotations. Its design amalgamates elements from previous maps on the roster.
  • Fracture: The newest addition, Fracture’s “H” shaped design challenges defenders to secure four entry points simultaneously. Vertical ziplines empower attackers with rapid rotations, demanding coordination.

Into the World of Valorant Esports

The burgeoning Valorant esports scene unfolds, with Riot Games championing organic growth and collaboration with third-party organizers. Early engagement with esports organizations lays the foundation, witnessing a trend of athletes from diverse titles making the leap to Valorant.

Presently, the Valorant Champions Tour takes center stage in the competitive arena, with a franchised system yet to emerge for this evolving title.

Valorant Betting: A Growing Phenomenon

In the realm of wagering, Valorant seamlessly integrates CS:GO’s established betting markets. The competitive structure facilitates a smooth transition of Valorant markets into odds, gaining traction among esports bookmakers since 2021. While fantasy Valorant evolves, Valorant betting has firmly entrenched itself, offering a thriving market for both amateur and professional matches.

Our Odyssey in Valorant

Embarking on the Valorant journey since its beta, our authors, ranging from Radiant ranks to hard-stack Silvers, immerse themselves in competitive play on the Ranked Ladder. Amid the nostalgia reminiscent of Counter-Strike’s golden era, a cheat-free environment underscores the effectiveness of Riot Vanguard.

Our assessment forecasts Valorant’s ascent to premier esports status in the coming year. For FPS enthusiasts, especially those enamored with CS:GO or Overwatch, the world of Valorant beckons. Join the fray, and witness the booming market of Valorant betting unfold.

Last Updated on November 9, 2023

Valorant Betting Guide 2024: How to Bet on Valorant
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